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September 12-13, 2015 Yaroslavl (WCF)

We took part in the international cats show  of club Alisa-best Yaroslavl. Our cat Zedas Kates Akis*LT did not disappoint us: Ex.1, 2 Nom BIS, Best of Breed, Best Adult in spetial breed show of British Shorthair, BOB II. Excellent results!

December 6, 2014. Moscow (FIFe)

We took part in the cats show Gran Prix Royal Canin 2014 Moscow Rossia with our boy Zedas Katеs Akis*LT.

He exhibited in FIFe in the Junior class and has shown excellent results: Ex.1, BEST IN VIEW-1, NOM BIS-3.

We are very excited for our bear!

des 2014 1 des 2014 2 des 2014 3

September 28, 2014. Kostroma

We took part in the International cats show in Kostroma city.

Our British cat Zedas Kates Akis LT became Best Junior in show - BEST JUNIOR, took 1st place in WCF-ring Junior!

sept 2014 1 sept 2014 2