About status and reserve of kittens

Kittens are going into a new house at the age not earlier than 3 months, vaccinated and socially acceptable – accustomed to independent food, litter box and scratching post.

All kittens are sold with documents and Contract that defines the rights and obligations of the Breeder and the Buyer.

The Deposit for a kitten is entered in the amount of from 30 to 50% of the cost of a kitten. In case of refusal of a kitten from the Buyer the amount of the Deposit is not refundable and kitten up for sale.

If the Buyer is not able to redeem the kitten reaches 4 months of age, the kitten also put up for sale.

The status of a kitten:

Free – kitten for sale, it is possible to reserve and buy

Option - by kitten negotiations

Reserve - kitten withdrawn from sale

Option for cattery – kitten under the supervision of the nursery and perhaps later will be sold

Sold - the kitten has moved to the new hous